Welcome to LIXO

A Holistic, Professional, and Tailored Approach to Event Sustainability.

LIXO Environmental Services Pty Ltd (pronounced  /ˈliʃo̝/ or Li-shu) is a company that delivers unique, tailor made solutions to the questions of event sustainability across Australia. 

Through a combination of consultancy, pioneering operations and an in depth understanding of how the event industry operates, LIXO effectively tackles the challenges of a sustainabile event. We talk with directors, managers, staff and patrons to understand the areas that need improvement, and create realistic and affordable ways to realise these goals. 

LIXO prides itself on the ability to deliver Sustainable Practise from policy and planning, all the way through to trained, competent staff on the ground. We work hard to ensure everything that can be saved from landfill finds a new life, and every chance to avoid unsustainable practise is taken. 

In a world where the choices we make, and the outcomes they have, are increasingly realised, it is important to not be left behind in bad practise. Events have the ability to bring so much richness, but they often bring with them destructive & mindless behaviours. Choosing to place sustainability at the forefront of event planning and organising means choosing to accept the way things must now be conceived. It is choosing to do the right thing.