Event Waste Services

  • Development of  waste management & waste reduction plans
  • Diversion of substantial amounts of resources (recyclable, compostable etc.) from landfill
  • Co-ordinate infrastructure associated with sustainability department operations
  • Hire of infrastructure, vehicles and trained professionsals
  • Work with organisers and stall holders tackle waste from the source
  • Set up systems within the event to effectively deal with FOH and BOH waste streams
  • Monitor bins and educate patrons
  • Brief, train and co-ordinate volunteers
  • Manually sort rubbish, ensuring maximum resource recovery
  • Remove all rubbish from site, leaving it cleaner than it was before the event
  • Produce detailed reports from  operation outcomes

Waste Consultancy, Audits & Quotes

LIXO has experience, understanding and competency in the challenges that meeting environmentally concious goals presents. We are able to work with you to better understand those goals and outline how they need to be addressed.

If you would like to get a better understanding of how and why your operation could be made more sustainable, LIXO offers consultancy, as well as audits. These help to pinpoint the shortcomings, as well as the strengths, of an operation and creates a platform in order to work from. 

For more information, or to talk about quotes for consultancy email info@lixo.com.au